#100!! A Kryptonite Medallion

*Trigger warning: if you’ve recently lost a loved one, the first seven minutes might be challenging.*
In this episode, Sam and Annie come back after a month to reflect on the episode that never was — a recording fail, but also a raw, challenging conversation — and share their fresh takes on what it’s like to have open and honest conversations about gender. Sam also speaks directly to our male audience members. This concludes the man box season, the Fall season, the third year of Unraveling Pink, and takes us to episode 100. Enjoy!

#93 Nothing Is Impossible


In this final episode of the “man box” season, Sam and I reflect on the season – what it’s been like to sit across from someone of another gender and talk about gender issues – and we issue a challenge to all of you to do the same. We offer some suggestions based on our experience – our successes and failures – and close with Sam’s thoughts on what he’s learned from this experience. Enjoy!

Unraveling Pink will return in the Fall.

#92 A Camouflage Fanny Pack and Size M Spacesuit


Extending a bit from the man box, this episode looks at the impact of design on women – this time, with a designer in the conversation, as Sam comes back for another conversation. This week’s challenge: observe the world around you and who it is – and is not – designed for.

Resources in this episode:

Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men – a review.”

Aimee Cunningham, “‘Invisible Women’ spotlights a gaping and dangerous gender data gap.”

Matthew Schwartz, “NASA Scraps First All-Female Spacewalk For Want Of A Medium-Size Spacesuit.”

Cara Kelly, “NASA’s spacesuit issue is all too familiar for working women.”

Ritu Prassad “Seven ways the world is not designed for women.” 

#91 The Man Box: Not Just For Men


In this episode, we explore whether the man box comes into play when women are attacked for scientific accomplishments. Sam joins the podcast again and we discover common threads among the topics we’ve tackled this season. We end with a challenge that everyone can take on.

Resources in this episode: