Episode 14: “Founder” or “Female Founder?” with Jory Des Jardins


Jory picture

In this episode, I sat down with Jory Des Jardins, an advisor to female founders and startups. An entrepreneur herself, Jory co-founded BlogHer, which grew into the largest conference and community for women content creators in the world and was acquired by SheKnows Media. Jory shares insights about founding and funding from her own entrepreneurial experience and from advising others on their journeys. She closes with a challenge that applies to each of us and can be implemented at work tomorrow. Join us!


Episode 1: The Pink Bandana Moment


In this first episode, we hear about a “pink bandana moment” – a gender-based assumption – that had an impact on our host’s life.

1983 Basketball picIn 1983, Annie played on a boys’ basketball team and, rather than getting playing time, she and a fellow female player received gifts from their coach – pink bandanas. For a tomboy amidst a self-imposed decades-long ban on anything pink, this gift was not well received. Instead, our host saw this as a reminder that she was a girl athlete, not just an athlete. The teenage mini-rage eventually subsided, but the desire to reduce the pain of those pink bandana moments did not.

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