Episode 12: It’s Tricky For Guys Who Mean Well, with Chris Lee


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In this episode, Chris Lee, Director of Business Development at Neustar, has a lot of questions and insights into topics like feminism, whether things are truly equal, how we might adjust to a less “bro-culture” workplace, and steps men can take to ally with women on the gender equality front. Chris has a vested interest in this — his 2 year old daughter — whom he is preparing to have broad experiences, not based on gender. Will you join him? Continue reading

Episode 11: Shooting Down Stereotype Threats, with Emerald Archer


In this episode, Unraveling Pink was on location at the Podcast Movement 2017 conference in Anaheim. Thanks to Shure and TalkShoe, we were able to record during the convention, complete with the buzz of the conference excitement in the background.

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This episode’s guest, Emerald Archer, Director, Center for the Advancement of Women, at Mount Saint Mary’s University in L.A., shares with us interesting insights about how gender assumptions play out in the military. Continue reading