#100!! A Kryptonite Medallion

*Trigger warning: if you’ve recently lost a loved one, the first seven minutes might be challenging.*
In this episode, Sam and Annie come back after a month to reflect on the episode that never was — a recording fail, but also a raw, challenging conversation — and share their fresh takes on what it’s like to have open and honest conversations about gender. Sam also speaks directly to our male audience members. This concludes the man box season, the Fall season, the third year of Unraveling Pink, and takes us to episode 100. Enjoy!

#94 If You’re “Qualified,” You Make The List

Sam and I kick off the Fall 2019 season exploring what happened with the Forbe’s America’s 100 Most Innovative Leaders list, whether it truly reflects merit or, instead, historical privilege, and whether the “man box” had a role.

In this season, we’ll continue exploring how we all contribute to and are affected by the man box, and where it shows up in current events.

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#93 Nothing Is Impossible


In this final episode of the “man box” season, Sam and I reflect on the season – what it’s been like to sit across from someone of another gender and talk about gender issues – and we issue a challenge to all of you to do the same. We offer some suggestions based on our experience – our successes and failures – and close with Sam’s thoughts on what he’s learned from this experience. Enjoy!

Unraveling Pink will return in the Fall.