Welcome to Unraveling Pink, where we invite men and women into conversation to tackle gender-based assumptions (or “pink bandana moments”) head-on. Through discussion, assumptions can be broken down, leaving individuals to interact openly with each other. Join us by listening in to our podcast guests, submitting questions about your pink bandana moments, offering suggestions for how you would handle the pink bandana moments discussed on our show (tweet them to @UnravelingPink or tag them #pinkbandanamoments), and start a conversation at work.

This is not about complaining or pointing fingers – it’s about progress and empathy and understanding both sides of the assumptions we make. I hope you’ll join us. Together, we can unravel the pink bandana!

Our guests issue challenges designed to reduce pink bandana moments. We hope you will join the challenges and share your experience by tweeting them to @UnravelingPink or #PinkBandanaMoments or submitting them on our Contact page.

Unraveling Pink Challenges:

Episode 10 (Janine Yancey): fill out the poll here. It will take less than 10 seconds!

Episode 9: Tell someone how awesome they are!

Episode 8 (Erin Rand): Go to an event or gathering of a group where you are not in the majority (for example, men, go to a women’s event) and be curious and open to what happens.

Episode 6 (Jon Hicks): Tell a co-worker at work something you appreciate about her, or just how awesome she is.

Episode 5 (Chris Rogaski): Review resumes without names, to get the best talent.

Episode 4 (Daina Middleton): View actions and events at work through grace (relationship-based) and grit (immediate action/status-focused) lenses and look for the value of both approaches to leadership.

Episode 2 (Joanna Bloor): Learn something about your co-workers or their interests. This will help build a foundation for empathy and conversation. And, it’s fun!


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