Must Boys Be Boys? The Impact of Design on Women


With the recent public discourse around “boys being boys” and the associated impact on women, I spent some time looking at how our world and communities are designed. What I found (which won’t surprise most women) is that most aspects of the world we encounter are not designed with women in mind — likely because they are often designed without the input of women. This episode dives a bit into how our communities, tech, and other aspects of our lives are designed, and sheds some light on how those designs impact women. It’s clear that we could use some re-designing, and that includes some social redesigning to move away from the harmful societal expectation that “boys will be boys.”

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All The Good Ones Are Taken


Should you have women on your corporate board? Studies and a current bill winding its way through California’s legislative process say yes. This episode explores some of the complaints raised about putting women on a board and shares resources for where to find female board members (once you’re convinced it’s a good idea … or required by law to do it) and where women interested in board service can get plugged in. Spoiler: all the good ones are NOT taken.

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