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In this episode, you’ll hear a fantastic male ally moment story from Stephanie Lampkin, founder of Blendoor, as well as hear the reaction of her ally, or co-conspirator, Dan Malmer (recorded in the Belmont library, with a lot of excited high schoolers in the background … if you listen closely, you might even hear a ukulele!).

Let me know if you take on Stephanie’s challenge and want to share your experience on Unraveling Pink.


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Episode 11: Shooting Down Stereotype Threats, with Emerald Archer


In this episode, Unraveling Pink was on location at the Podcast Movement 2017 conference in Anaheim. Thanks to Shure and TalkShoe, we were able to record during the convention, complete with the buzz of the conference excitement in the background.

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This episode’s guest, Emerald Archer, Director, Center for the Advancement of Women, at Mount Saint Mary’s University in L.A., shares with us interesting insights about how gender assumptions play out in the military. Continue reading

Episode 10: The Red Zone


Twitter, LinkedIn, the Chronicle, other media – social and print – throughout Silicon Valley and beyond, abound with frustrations about diversity in the workplace these days. The conversation is important because we have a lot of work to do to get to workplaces that are truly equal, that are welcoming — workplaces where one does not have to suffer through explicit or implicit questions about her ability or right to be there. These are conversations we try to enable on Unraveling Pink: non-judgmental, open conversations about what we think but may not typically express, about the gender-based assumptions that impact our productivity or satisfaction at work, and what we can do about them.

Silicon Valley is currently in the “Red Zone.” But there is hope. There is a “release valve” that offers help to employers and employees. Resources that enable employers to create the kind of diverse environment that Google is struggling to develop in the very public eye right now. Resources that employees can anonymously seek out to get help when they feel harassed or discriminated against — or just need a sanity check when suffering through yet another micro-aggression in a workplace that doesn’t reflect their identity.

janine pictureIn this episode of Unraveling Pink (recorded prior to the “Google memo”), Janine Yancey, CEO and founder of Emtrain, shares how Emtrain serves as this very necessary release valve, and how we can move our organizations from the Red Zone, through Orange, and even Yellow, into the coveted Green Zone. Continue reading

Episode 9: The “You’re Appreciated” Mug


You're Appreciated MugAppreciation is a great thing. We should actively look for ways to appreciate the unique talents of those in our lives and workplaces. But appreciation can go awry when it’s based on bias … and this #PinkBandanaMoment tells such a story.

May it also bring you hope that our gender inclusion challenges are lessening — and keep you out of the pit of despair!