Episode 11: Shooting Down Stereotype Threats, with Emerald Archer


Emerald canva

In this episode, Unraveling Pink was on location at the Podcast Movement 2017 conference in Anaheim. Thanks to Shure and TalkShoe, we were able to record during the convention, complete with the buzz of the conference excitement in the background.

Emerald pic

This episode’s guest, Emerald Archer, Director, Center for the Advancement of Women, at Mount Saint Mary’s University in L.A., shares with us interesting insights about how gender assumptions play out in the military.



Ever wondered how you would do in a shooting test in the Marines? Or, how your performance would change if you were told before you took the test that you wouldn’t be good at it? Or how you would be typecast as a woman in the military? Emerald shares her insights into those questions and more based on her research with the Marines and Air Force. Get an outsider’s peek into some of the challenges women face just to be able to serve in the military.

If you want to dig deeper into the research Emerald is doing, check out the following resources:

Emerald's book



Emerald’s book, Women, Warfare and Representation: American Servicewomen in the Twentieth Century (London: Bloomsbury, 2017)



This episode concludes with not one, but two, challenges — so make sure you listen through the end!

A special thank you to Joanna Bloor for introducing me to Emerald!

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