Episode 8: This is Really Super Uncomfortable with Erin Rand


Erin redo 3 canva

Erin Rand updated pic

This is the conversation we didn’t want to have, guest Erin Rand (COO of ServiceRocket, Navigator for Fast Growing Companies; Flame Igniter) and I. This is the conversation many women / femmes in senior and executive positions don’t want to have. Yet, Erin was game to have it — and share her view into the thoughts and conversations women in positions to make a difference have about gender diversity and bias.

And, as we learned from Jon Hicks in Episode 6, conflict is good. So, we also jumped into a disagreement about whether there in fact in a causal link between diversity and more successful, profitable companies.

To close us out, Erin issued our toughest challenge yet. One that has the ability to shift our society as a whole to a better place — something we desperately need right now — if we’re willing to accept the challenge.

Listen in, enjoy and let us know what you think about this episode!

As promised in this Episode, here are some women’s organizations or events in the Bay Area that men can attend to accept Erin’s challenge:

Let us know of other events / organizations (both in and outside the Bay Area) that we should highlight to meet Erin’s challenge and we’ll post them here.

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