Bropropriation: Hey, that was my idea!


Bropropriation canva

This episode shines some light on something that happens too often in meetings – often when there is only one woman in the room: an idea she voiced is given credit to someone else in the room, usually a man. This has happened so much, it has a name – “bropropriation.”

In this episode, Annie shares her bropropriation #PinkBandanaMoment and offers some ideas for how to stop this from happening in your meetings and what to do if it happens to you.

This episode’s challenge: keep an eye out for bropropriation in the meetings you attend, and be proactive in calling it out or using some of the subtle suggestions in this episode to redirect credit for the idea back to the woman who voiced it.

Some resources referenced in this episode:

Share your ideas for interrupting bropropriation at and we’ll post additional listener ideas here.

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